2014-06-11Science and Technology Parks’ role in stimulating innovation and commercialization environment
2014-05-26Similar climate conditions again brought experts from Russia and Finland together with the support of InnoPraxis
2014-03-13Summary from the EU Innovation Convention 2014
2014-03-10InnoPraxis celebrates its 5th anniversary!

InnoPraxis is proud to announce it is celebrating its 5-year anniversary this year.  The company started to operate on the Finnish and Russian markets as an independent consulting entity in early 2009, nowadays company goes global and is looking forward to enlarging its partnership network in Germany and the Netherlands.

2014-02-06March 17, Moscow - InnoPraxis will take part in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress
2013-12-19Three Russian universities getting acquainted with strategic development of the leading universities in Finland
2013-12-06Study visit to Finnish forest cluster from Tyumen region, Siberia, Russia
2013-11-22Alternative energy and commercialisation of innovations main topics of the study visit for delegation from Chelyabinsk
2013-11-21InnoPraxis shares experience of Finnish science parks and innovation system with a high-level delegation from Poland
2013-10-23Innovations in road construction in challеnging climates
2013-09-238-days training for 15 Russian innovative companies in the field of microelectronics and medical technologies
2013-05-15Presentation about innovation culture at Technology transfer conference in Beijin
2013-04-22Participation at V Ural Venture Forum
2012-12-18Training for Ryazan state radio-engineering university based business incubator
2012-12-01Russian business in Finland - results of Rubicon Forum
2012-10-16All Russian innovation system key players in one event!
2012-10-01InnoPraxis invites all its partners to join Rubicon Forum and share the interest for Russian-Finnish business
2012-09-30Cooperation with Ural business angels association proceeds to the new stage
2012-09-18The network of reliable partners is the basis of any business support organization
2012-06-12Clusters Mapping and Matchmaking between Finland and Russian Ural Region
2012-05-11Ms Mervi Käki selected to the 30 innovation managers of the world who have shaped innovation worldwide
2012-03-12Project managers get inspiration from successful businesses on how to develop cooperation between companies of elderly service sector
2011-12-21“Innovations in Practice” in 2011 and outlook for 2012
2011-11-11Training for Krakow Technology Park in Finland
2011-10-05Cooperation with Business Incubator of Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia
2011-09-07InnoPraxis Presentation at Baltic Dynamics 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia
2011-07-15On-site training by InnoPraxis in Kotka, Finland
2011-06-08Workshop on Strategic Clients of Technology Parks in Poland
2011-03-21Technology Parks as Accelerators of Entrepreneurship
2011-03-03Conference “Understanding Innovation” in Gdansk, Poland
2010-12-22Future Outlook on Development of Innovation Infrastructure: More Market Driven and Business Oriented Science and Technology Parks
2010-12-10InnoPraxis Organized a Study Visit for Representatives of Southern Federal University
2010-10-15Meeting with Mr. Naryshkin, Chief Secretary of Russian-Finnish Intergovernmental Commission
2010-10-10Innovation and Industry University Partnerships in Sanliurfa, Turkey
2010-10-07Impressions from Expo Real in Munich, Germany
2010-09-29Evaluation of Regional Innovation Potential of East Kazakhstan
2010-08-12InnoPraxis was Announced Among the Strongest Companies in Finland in 2010
2010-08-03Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Through Business Incubation
2010-07-05InnoPraxis Presentation at International Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan
2010-07-02Jordan and USAID Benchmarks Finnish Clustering Best Practices
2010-06-28Mervi Käki is Sharing Innovation Experience in Qatar
2010-06-18Discussing the Role of Municipalities in the Science and Technology Parks Development in Russia
2010-06-17High-level Delegation from Turkey is Welcomed in Finland by InnoPraxis and its Partners
2010-05-27InnoPraxis Presentations at the Annual IASP Conference in South Korea
2010-04-26Impression from the InnoPraxis Orientation Training: Best Practices of the Finnish Innovation System
2010-04-16InnoPraxis participation in the Russian-Finnish Innovation Forum on 15th – 16th of April 2010
2010-04-10Impressions from the InnoPraxis Orientation Training for Russian Speaking Participants
2010-02-20InnoPraxis Training in Poland: Organization of Infrastructure for Technological Park and Business Incubator
2010-02-15Registration to the Training for Innovation Experts Continues
2010-02-05InnoPraxis participated "Innovations 2010" exhibition
2010-01-27The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland meets Otaniemi players
2009-12-10Training for the Innovation Experts: 12-14th of April 2010
2009-12-07Launch of the Training Center
2009-10-23Innovative and Unifying Design
2009-10-16InnoPraxis Presents and Explores International Clustering Experience
2009-10-01InnoPraxis Participated Innovation Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia
2009-09-10InnoPraxis Participated IASP Conference in Berlin
2009-09-07InnoPraxis Hosts University Delegation from Poland
2009-08-27InnoPraxis Holds Conference in the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Kazakhstan
2009-07-30Making Conclusions and Future Plans in Training Polish
2009-06-16InnoPraxis Presentation in Warsaw, Poland
2009-05-07InnoPraxis Organized Study Tour for Delegation from Ireland
2009-04-23InnoPraxis Starts On-site Analyzing of Kazakhstan National Innovation System
2009-03-25During the Official Visit of Kazakhstan’s President InnoPraxis Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Local Technology Parks Developer
2009-03-02Zambia Development Agency is Interested in Finnish Best Practices
2009-02-23Start of Series of Trainings for Polish Innovation System Stakeholders
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