Science and Technology Parks’ role in stimulating innovation and commercialization environment

2014-06-11 00:00

This June InnoPraxis organized the training: promotion of the innovations and commercialization of technologies within the environment of technoparks.

The theoretical part of the program highlighted the crucial issues dedicated to founding and managing of the technology park. InnoPraxis presented various business models of science and technology parks. This experience has been collected over the years of company’s practical knowledge of the industry and generalized on the basis of well known examples of international technology parks.

The aim of the training was to provide its participants with the tools helping to evaluate and understand technology parks in particular.

With acquired knowledge trainees visited three different technoparks: Cologne Technology Park and Medical Park Bochum in Germany, and also High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Regardless of close geographical location all three technoparks differ significantly in their initial business model and history of development. Natural differences of the Netherlands’ and Germany’s national innovation systems and policies effected on the technopark’s development activities and structures.

The key point of the program was to understand and evaluate the differences between the technoparks, what would allow to define:

  • how technopark interact with the regional innovative system?
  • how technopark could stimulate innovations and what is beyond the influence of technopark?

Two most important factors of successful start-off for technology park are well-chosen business model and realistic expectations. Unfortunately, technoparks rarely use the general business approach as in most cases they are initiated in a form of a non-profit organizations. Besides, the implementation of the usual "business canvas", so popular nowadays, is too difficult as the technoparks target very wide range of customer groups and partners, so often there is no clear distinction between the "partner" and the "client".

Successful realization of the chosen business model depends on formulating the realistic expectations and consistent communication policy. Society, investors and politics lay high and very different hopes on technology park. As a result, instead of focusing on management and growth, it’s leaders spend a lot of time justifying their activities or making constant course adjustements in order to meet all expectations.

That is why in case of technopark among most important tasks are: preparation work related to the business model’s choice, common vision in concept development, collaboration among all participants and investors, creating of unique international identity and finally, learning from experiences of existing international technology parks.

InnoPraxis is proud to help it’s customers to find necessary answers for these and many other questions in the past five years and will continue to increase its knowledge in future.


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