Similar climate conditions again brought experts from Russia and Finland together with the support of InnoPraxis

2014-05-26 10:00

In spite of the hot and sunny weather in the end of May, InnoPraxis and its trainees from Russia have spent a few busy days discussing technologies used during the winter time. The topic of the latest study and matchmaking program, facilitated by InnoPraxis, was the usage of de-icing fluids in the airport management.

Every winter, Russia and Finland face same challenges to provide smooth operations of the airports in cold climate conditions. However, modern technologies and innovations make flights possible.

Last week a group of Russian scientists arrived to Finland aiming to exchange experience with Finnish colleagues about research and practical application of de-icing and anti-icing fluids in aviation.

During the trip the Russian delegation visited leading Finnish universities, such as the Faculty of Sciences in the State University of Helsinki and Aalto University School of Engineering, where they got acquainted with ongoing research and visited experimental laboratories.

The biggest part of the program included meetings with Finnish experts directly involved in R&D, who deal with the application of de- and anti-icing compositions in real life, such as experts from the Finnish airline Finnair Group. Russian delegation received the information on practical issues directly from the crew members and technical staff of the airline. The representative of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) attended the meeting and shared the statistical information on accidents related to the arctic conditions, gathered by the Agency in the latest research project.

The program included meeting with scientists from Taminco Corporation. The meeting took place in the Research center of Industrial group Kemira. For many decades, the group is among top developers and manufacturers of runaway anti-icing solutions. Experts from Kemira gave a very good overview to the specifics of airport technologies in general.

Kemira has presented the success of multi-disciplinary cooperation in practice.  For example for years its experts have conducted joint research with the researchers from Vaisala with the aim to improve the airport meteorology equipment and software to monitor weather conditions and freezing and thus being more precise in use of de-icing fluids.

Guests from Kazan has also met the General Director of the Association “Airport cluster Finland”, which represents interests of over 30 companies serving and operating in airport business in Finland. The association monitors industry trends, gather and distributes information about international airport projects. The main goal of the association is to help its members to establish international business contacts, participate in different trade fairs and seminars for professionals and managers and also to implement development projects in order to promote innovative technologies, new services and create new opportunities for the business. During the meeting Russian and Finnish colleagues discussed the possibilities of the long-term joint research and implementation of innovations in the field of de-icing technologies.

It is not the first time, when similar weather conditions bring Russian and Finnish experts together. Last year InnoPraxis has organised a study visit for the delegation from Tyva focusing on the road construction in challenging climate conditions. More information about this traineeship can be found from our earlier news.

InnoPraxis thanks all participants of the meeting from Russian and Finnish side and wishes everybody successful and long-term cooperation!

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